5 years already

5 years down – here’s to 5 more

For those of you that don’t know, Sumo Films have been clicking bricks together now for 5 years.

I hope that you have had an exciting week.  As you may well be aware, our latest build (The Lego® Death Star™) is receiving a pleasant response from viewers which is always welcome.  If you haven’t checked it out yet then why not have a look.

Since completion I have been going through the catalogue of creations that are on YouTube at the moment.  Of the 79 uploads, only 38 are productions, the rest are made up by build videos and things.  I have told myself that now all sets we have here are built, it is time to get make to creatively turning some of these notes I have been making for the last year into something more visual.

The adventures of Lego® Batman and Robin, Episode 3.  Was uploaded 19th February 2017, and before that, Lego® Star Wars™ – Droids was uploaded 2nd May 2016.  So the ambition of been a regular up loader has gone a little of track.  As I have been uploading content.  I have just been focusing on acquiring new models to use in the features rather than actually making them.

The Lego® Zombie series is still by far our best in my opinion and so check it out, 1 and 2 are pretty good.

Anyway, this year will be 5 years since I started this little adventure, and it has gone by far to quickly.  I am planning a couple of caption competitions like I used to do, with the usual prizes for those that know.

But, having been around for 5 years I do have plans for this business, plans I can only achieve with your help.  Share our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Aiming to have more new content for you shortly.  So keep an eye out for it.

Back next week.


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