Our Approach

We want to make entertaining content, in the best way possible.  When I started I said "Make, movie making fun" simple.

So let's just ensure that you giggle when watching.

Our Story

We started out of another channel as many do.  An evolution if you will, as things naturally progressed.

It started around 2009, when we started playing games to fill time periods and would make little animations with Microsoft Paint™ and Windows Movie Maker™.

As this got a little more involved I changed to stop motion and LEGO® and where Sumo Films had jokingly started to appear on the old channel, It was what we became.

Meet the Team

The team is currently a bit of a Me, Myself and I situation.  This regularly makes me giggle when I get asked things.

Richard Graves

Richard Graves


Having fun, one click at a time.

Next Steps...

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