Latest LEGO® build is coming soon

Sumo Films – LEGO® brickfilms coming soon

I made it this week, we have LEGO® coming shortly.

The latest build is nearly completed.  It has taken a couple of months of sporadic building but the guide build times that I have seen on most sites is accurate.  I just haven’t have 38 hours to dedicate unfortunately, otherwise the video would have been on our YouTube channel a while ago and I would be on to the next projects that I have in mind.  But now that the Death Star is about 80% complete, I have the end in site.

The set is spectacular and worth every penny, it was a must get for here at Sumo Films and makes an excellent addition to the LEGO® Star Wars™ collection that I am thinking of getting out and displaying for you all shortly too.

Not just that theme, I was thinking of in general creating a couple of short videos showcasing the growing collection here (now that I have a collection).  And then it is time to look through the note papers that have begun to gather dust waiting for the last year I think whilst I have just been building, so watch for a few new creations coming to the channel in the new future.

Anyway, I have a Death Star™ to go and finish and so I will be back shortly.


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