Microphone – Voice Over Recording


Now, being a little out of depth here in terms of microphone technical knowledge, I tend to go from one thing to the next as I upgrade the kit that we use here at Sumo Films.

Having upgraded the Camera a little while ago to a Nikon D7100, it is now the turn for the audio quality to get an upgrade.

What I currently use for the audio recording is a Plantronics GameCom 780.  This wasn’t purchased for recording voice overs, but it was all I had with a microphone at the time Sumo Films began, and it was of reasonable quality.  Unfortunately it is was it is and improvement really is required.

So how can quality be improved and how much will it cost?  Well those are 2 different questions and depending on what we need here, or you might need yourself depends on what the result will be.

The saying is, always get the best quality (not expensive) one that you can afford.  Now this can come down to what connections you have available and what you are connecting it too.  If you are connecting to a PC via 3.5mm or USB, or if you are going through an audio interface.

Here at Sumo Films we are looking at the audio interface option and for us the something that catches our attention for our budget is the Scarlett Solo Studio from Focusrite.

This might be a little more than we require technically, but it would certainly set us up for the next few years.  Now, opting for an audio interface also then offers more options on the microphones, which can also be explored once purchased.

Will have to let you know what we end up adding to our little studio here.


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