If you have visited our website, then you will have seen a mention to support us via our Patreon site.

We joined the site with the idea that a few supporters might wish to offer £1/$1 a month via Patreon in support.  This will allow us to continue to produce the brickfilms that we have been working on here at Sumo Films.  Since YouTube have changed their monetization rules, unfortunately at present the channel does not meet the requirements to be monetized.

Creations like LEGO® Zombies, are only realised with your help.  And the sets that I have now will enable bigger and better productions.

Therefore we would appreciate support if you are able, and you have enjoyed our past creations.  This would assist in a few costs that all businesses have whilst operationally things a toned down a little.

Work will continue, and always will.  We have 80 uploads to the Sumo Films YouTube Channel to date.  Some of these are brickfilms, and others are builds of the sets we have here.

5 years we have been working hard to collect LEGO® and create brickfilms.  Check our YouTube channel to see what we have created, subscribe to stay up to date with upcoming productions.

Bye for now


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