Still here, still building LEGO®

LEGO® Death Star™ – Currently under construction.

So, I thought I was planning on making these posts weekly?  But the construction of the LEGO® Death Star™ is taking a little more of my time than I had originally planned.

New year and all that.  Planning is ongoing for projects, and I have a few notes gathering now.  Just need to get the LEGO® Death Star™ (so much still to do) finished at the moment, and that is taking a little while.  A lot of what I have in mind is silly and just makes us giggle, but that is sometimes what is best.

I need to find somewhere safe to keep our LEGO® as I believe that little thieves are already looking at what they can get there hands on.

Once I get the LEGO® Death Star™ completed, then I will begin production of a few projects. We aim to have them completed before the end of 2018.  Announcements will be made in the near future.

Lego Star Wars Death Star

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Be back soon (I mean it this time)


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