Website Update

Website Update – May 2018


Something that happens often, is that I need to spend some time updating or adding to the Website.  This can be general information or correction of errors.

What I have spent this weekend doing is rewriting a large amount of the content on the main pages.  This is because, when the site was moved over I needed to quickly get the site online.  And then with building of the LEGO® Death Star™, I haven’t had a chance to look at the websites content again.

LEGO Benny

I have also been getting familiar with WordPress again, where I have been using GoDaddy’s website builder for 5 years.  I have found a number of accidentally placed sections abandoned on the web pages.  This is now all resolved and and spacing is as planned.  What I can also now do is tidy up the placement and loading of the adverts so that they are loading as I originally intending and not jumping and pushing the text everywhere.

Again, it really was a hurried move over from the Website Builder and apologies if it looked horrendous.  I might be a little dramatic as it functioned suitably, but my standards are some what higher.


Let us know what you think