About Our Approach

About Sumo Films is something of a question.  A simple objective, “Make moving making fun”.  These might be brickfilms now, but we started off a few years before, in early 2009 making animations using Microsoft Paint™ and Windows Movie Maker™.

If you look at the animated shenanigans on those early creations, you’ll see what went on to become our company logo, start to make an appearance.

And so now with mini-figures in place and scenes built, we create fun LEGO® brickfilms for all to enjoy.

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About Our Story

In July 2013 we moved to LEGO® brickfilms, it was with a very small selection of mini-figures and bricks (borrowed from my son) that became the focus of the productions.  You’ll find a number that feature three Stormtroopers (that is how many he had) getting in to trouble.

It was when I was asking for suggestions from viewers and a friend requested “something Zombie” that our LEGO® Zombie series was started.

As we pass our 5-year milestone and look back at the LEGO® sets that we have acquired, they really have been incredible to put together and the time-lapse builds have at times involved a few hours, so I hope that you have enjoyed the sets as much we do here.

About Our Future

We now have over 2000 YouTube Subscribers, and the next step is to create more fun adventures like LEGO® Zombies for them and everyone else to enjoy.

With sets from LEGO® Star Wars™, LEGO® Marvel™, LEGO® DC Super Heroes™ to LEGO® City, LEGO® Castle and much, much more.  Stories that have been planned are something imaginable, but if you have seen our creations then I am sure that you can get an idea of what to expect.

About the Team

The team is currently a bit of a Me, Myself and I situation.  This regularly makes me giggle when I get asked things.

Richard Graves

Richard Graves


Having fun, one brick at a time.

Next Steps...

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